Jul 2014 07

My Ottawa à moi

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A poetry/video project featuring the words and poems of Élise Gauthier. “The writing of these poems came from a deep love for my city, as well as a deep frustration at hearing people deride it,” says Gauthier. “As a tour guide, I’ve grown to love all of Ottawa’s facets, its unknown history and the people who […]

Jul 2013 20

Food On Wheels

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This one-hour documentary sinks its teeth into Ottawa’s street food industry with a focus on the gourmet and specialty food truck movement new to the city.  You’ll savour flatbread pizza, Korean food, empanadas, organic soup and quench it with a beverage from the beer bike! Broadcast on CBC’s Absolutely Ottawa on 20 July 2013, 5 February […]

Jun 2012 06

Four-Wheeled Furies

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Four-Wheeled Furies is a one-hour documentary about the women of the Rideau Valley Roller Girls (RVRG) and the fascinating world of roller derby. The documentary explores roller derby through the eyes of a diverse group of women in the RVRG league. From newbie skaters (aka “Fresh Meat”) to seasoned veterans, the interview subjects cover the […]

May 2012 31

Sweet Tarts Takeaway

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A finalist in the Pilots Competition at the 2011 Banff World Media Festival, and a finalist for the Audience Choice Award at the 2010 New Media Festival in Los Angeles, Sweet Tarts Takeaway is a web series about Sue and Janis, two thirty-something caterers who run a failing catering operation with great food but bad business sense. When their delivery van […]

May 2012 05

Room 218

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Award-winning short film about the fine line between pain and pleasure in a couple’s sexual encounter.

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